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The difference between earthquake early warning and earthquake prediction
[ Author: Release time: 2020-06-09 15:16. Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]

Earthquake prediction is a circular announcement for an earthquake that has not yet occurred but is likely to happen. Earthquake early warning means that after an earthquake occurs, it will rush to advance several seconds to tens of seconds before the seismic wave propagates to the fortified area, so as to inform the local people to take emergency measures to minimize casualties.

Earthquake prediction is still a difficult problem all over the world, but earthquake early warning is entirely feasible.

The difference between them is that "earthquake prediction" is an early notification of possible earthquake events that have not yet occurred, and "earthquake early warning" is based on the principle that the radio waves are faster than the seismic waves under the premise of the earthquake. In order to shorten the reaction time, determine the time and decision time, we should take urgent measures to reduce casualties and secondary disasters such as high speed rail, subway, oil and gas, gas pipeline, chemical plant and nuclear facilities caused by the earthquake.