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Premier Li Keqiang answers questions from Chinese and foreign journalists
[ Author: Xinhua News Agency Release time: 2020-05-29 09:27 Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]

On the afternoon of the three session of the thirteen National People's Congress, a press conference was held in the Great Hall of the people on the afternoon of 28. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council attended the press conference at the invitation of Zhang Yesui, the spokesman of the general assembly, and answered questions from Chinese and foreign reporters.

At the beginning of the press conference, Li Keqiang said, first of all, thank the media friends for overcoming the special difficulties in the special period and reporting on the two sessions of China. Because of the epidemic situation, we use a video link to set up a press conference. I think this distance will not affect communication between us. Time is limited. Please ask questions.

Special policies in special period of economic policy: water fish culture

Reuters: the outbreak of new crown pneumonia has a serious impact on the economies of countries around the world. Many governments have issued trillions of dollars in fiscal and monetary measures to deal with the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the economy. In this year's China government's work report, no GDP growth has been set. According to Reuters estimates, the fiscal measures introduced in the government work report account for about 4% of China's gross domestic product in 2019, which is lower than some economists expected. In the first quarter of this year, China's economy contracted for the first time in decades. Will China launch more large-scale stimulus measures in the coming months? In the longer term, does China have enough policy tools to cope with the persistent global epidemic and the tension between China and the US?

Li Keqiang: the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a serious impact on the world economy, which is a rare history. Recently, many leading international organizations have predicted that global economic growth this year will be negative 3% or even more. China's economy has been deeply integrated into the world economy, and it is impossible to stay out of it. So this year, we did not determine the quantitative indicators of GDP growth, which is also realistic. However, we have determined the goal of "six guarantees" for protecting residents' employment, protecting basic livelihood and protecting market players, which is directly related to economic growth. Economic growth is not unimportant. In fact, we are also making people feel more directly about economic growth, so that economic growth will be of higher quality. Development is the key and foundation for solving all the problems in China. If we calculate the "six guarantees", especially the former "Three Guarantees", we will achieve the positive growth of China's economy this year, and strive to have a certain extent to push China's economic stability forward.

As you mentioned just now, the scale of our policy is lower than expected, but I have also heard many aspects that we believe that the scale policy we have introduced is effective. In response to this impact, we must grasp the strength and seize the opportunity. At the time of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, we also introduced some policies, but at that time, the resumption of work and resumption of production was still advancing, and the resumption of business resumed and the market was blocked. Some policies could not be completely landed, and many people stayed at home. In this process, we have accumulated experience. It is precisely according to the early experience and the judgement of the current situation that our scale policy initiatives launched in the government work report should be vigorous.

In the past, we did not say "flood irrigation". This is still the case now, but special policies should be made in a special period. We call it "water fish culture". Without enough water, fish can't live. But if flooding occurs, bubbles will form, and some will be arbitraged, fish will not be raised, and there will be fish in troubled waters. Therefore, the measures we should take should be targeted, that is to say, we should touch the pulse and take the medicine. Where money comes from and where to use it must take a new path.

The scale of the policy is divided into two parts: one is the new fiscal deficit and the other is the special treasury bonds issued for the epidemic, which amounts to 2 trillion yuan. There is another big piece, that is, the reduction of social security premiums. Some countries call payroll taxes, and use unemployment insurance balances to promote state-owned commercial banks to make profits and natural monopoly enterprises to reduce prices so as to reduce the operating costs of enterprises. This piece adds up to two times that of the previous one. We should use these funds to protect employment, protect people's livelihood and protect the market players, and support the income of residents. These funds and our total income of more than 40 trillion yuan of the total plate compared to the ratio of two digits.

More importantly, where is the money going? Our large-scale policy of rescuing enterprises and stimulating market vitality is mainly used to stabilize employment and protect people's livelihood, so that residents can have the ability to consume. This is conducive to promoting consumption and stimulating the market, and can be said to be a way of market-oriented reform.

Money can generate money, and money spent on people can create new wealth, preserve tax sources and make financial sustainability. We must stabilize the current economy and move forward steadily, but we must avoid lifting our feet, raising dust and obscuring the future generations. If there are any major changes in the economy or other areas, we still have room for policy, whether fiscal, financial or social security has policy reserves, which can introduce new policies in a timely manner and will not hesitate. Maintaining stable operation of China's economy is crucial.

We firmly believe that under the firm leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, after the joint efforts of the whole nation, we will overcome the current difficulties and achieve the goal and goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. China's economic stability and stability will be a contribution to the world and will contribute positively to the growth and development of the world economy.

Fight against the epidemic, advocate the scientific tracing of the virus, and develop the vaccine willing to share.

Bloomberg News reporter: the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still unsolved mystery. Scientists believe that finding the answer to this problem will help prevent future pandemic. There has been calls for international deliberations on the issue of origin. What is China's position on the investigation? What purpose do you think this investigation should achieve? What problems should be avoided?

Li Keqiang: China and many countries advocate traceability of the virus. The World Health Assembly, which was not long ago, adopted relevant resolutions, and China also took part in it. Because the source of science can better prevent and control the epidemic, and it is also for the health and health of people all over the world.

This outbreak is a new infectious disease for mankind. To this day, it is still unknown than known. The virus has no national boundaries. It is the enemy of the whole world and all mankind. All countries are carrying out prevention and control and advancing in exploration. At present, there is no complete experience. We must control the development of the epidemic and speed up the breakthrough in research and development of vaccines, effective drugs and detection reagents. This will be a powerful weapon for human beings to overcome this virus. China and many other countries are investing in it, and we are willing to engage in international cooperation. These products are global public goods, we are willing to share, and ultimately enable mankind to jointly defeat the enemy of the virus.

Through painstaking efforts, the Chinese people have effectively controlled the epidemic situation, and actively participated in international cooperation, and openly and transparently and responsibly inform the international community of relevant information in a timely manner. But now the epidemic is still widespread in the world, and it is not over in China. There are also sporadic cases. Many scientists have stressed that we should remain vigilant and prevent a rebound. We will continue to adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts and openness and transparency. Once the epidemic is detected, we must firmly control it, do not allow any concealment, and carry out scientific prevention and control.

Many people now say that the epidemic may not end soon, and will continue for some time. In fact, the international community has faced double challenges and has to make two answers: on the one hand, to control the epidemic situation; on the one hand, to restore economic and social development and restore normal order. There is a contradiction between the two. If only one aspect is done, it will be different. Now we need to balance and explore in contradiction, especially in international cooperation. Whether it is fighting the epidemic or developing the economy, we need to work together to make sure that we can overcome the impact of this huge wave.

Cross strait relations adhere to the one China principle, adhere to the "92 consensus" and resolutely oppose "Taiwan independence".

China Times reporter: this year the two sessions were delayed because of the epidemic until May. This time point is very close to "5. 20". What is the overall consideration of the mainland's Taiwan policy in the future when the DPP is in power? How will the future development of cross-strait relations continue?

Li Keqiang: I have said in the government work report that our policy towards Taiwan is consistent and common among the world. We must uphold the one China principle, adhere to the "92 consensus" and resolutely oppose "Taiwan independence". On this political basis, we are willing to promote dialogue and consultation with all parties, groups and people in Taiwan on cross-strait relations and national future. We are willing to do our utmost to promote peaceful reunification of the motherland with utmost sincerity and utmost efforts. The Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs. We have always opposed external interference. The Chinese nation is wise and capable of solving their own affairs.

We regard Taiwan compatriots as hands and feet and blood is thicker than water. We always attach great importance to the well-being of Taiwan compatriots. Just like this outbreak, we all worked together and no Taiwan compatriots lost their lives on the mainland due to infection with the new crown pneumonia. Facing the epidemic, we pray for the safety and health of our compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Policy funds

2 trillion yuan should go directly to the grass-roots level. We will stare at it.

CCTV reporter of the central broadcasting and TV station: you have elaborated on China's economic policy this year in the government work report. What measures will the government take to ensure that these funds really benefit the enterprises and avoid idling so that ordinary people can feel it?

Li Keqiang: This is an unprecedented shock. We can not ride the familiar road by car. It can only be a hard road for a big car. Therefore, we should pay attention to innovation in policy. As I said just now, the scale policy launched by us is called bailout and market dynamism. The focus is on steady employment and protection of people's livelihood. Because of the great changes in China's economic structure, consumption plays a major role in economic growth, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% in absorbing employment. The scale policy we have adopted has directly or directly supported residents' income with about 70% of the funds. This can promote consumption and drive the market. And because of the epidemic, we face a big problem, that is, epidemic prevention and control measures will curb consumption. We push policy implementation in such a direction, and it is also a market-oriented reform.

Secondly, we emphasize that policy funds should go directly to the grass-roots level, directly to enterprises and directly to people's livelihood. The new deficit and anti epidemic special national debt funds are all transferred to the local areas, and the province is only "passing the money God", reaching the grass-roots level directly. Some people may ask, can the grass-roots unit make good use of the money? We have to adopt a special transfer payment mechanism, which falls to businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, and falls to social security, low security, unemployment, old age and poor people. To establish a real name system, these accounts are available, and no false accounts are allowed. We will stare at it and welcome social supervision. The ultimate effect of our measures should be recognized by the market players and the masses. The central government has tighten the lead this time. We have reduced the non urgent and non rigid expenditure of the central departments by more than half, and transferred funds to the grass-roots units, enterprises and people's livelihood. Governments at all levels must tighten their belts and never allow formalism to do anything that is wasteful.

I talked more about expanding consumption just now, but it does not mean that we should not invest. We also need to expand effective investment. This time the new local government special bond is 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, plus some national debt, which has a scale of 2 trillion yuan, which accounts for twenty or thirty of the scale policy. The focus of our investment is "two new priorities", namely, new infrastructure, new urbanization and major projects involving the national economy and the people's livelihood. We should also use reform funds to pry the input of social capital. The project must be effective and rewarding. It should be scientifically demonstrated, acted according to the law, and does not leave sequela.

Ensuring employment

With employment, there are 900 million pairs of hands to create great wealth.

China Daily: this year, in your government work report, you lowered the target of new employment in cities and towns, and raised the unemployment rate in urban areas. In the face of severe employment situation, how will the government curb unemployment? How can we help college students and migrant workers find jobs?

Li Keqiang: this year we have identified more than 9 million new jobs in cities and towns, which is lower than last year. We set the town survey unemployment rate at around 6%. In April this year, the unemployment rate in urban areas was 6%. We are also seeking truth from facts.

Employment is the biggest livelihood of the people. It is a great thing for a family. Over the past few days, I think about 1/3 of the messages posted on the Chinese government are about employment. One peasant worker said he was more than 50 years old and worked outside the country for more than 30 years. Every year, however, he has not found a job this year and his family is in trouble. Some individual businesses have been closed for several months. Some foreign trade enterprises have no orders now, affecting employees' employment. We should give relief to their difficulties, but fundamentally we should help them get employed. China has 900 million labor force, no job, it is just 900 million mouths to eat, and with employment, it is 900 million pairs of hands that can create enormous wealth.

In order to stabilize the existing jobs, it can be said that policies can be used up and the money invested is the most. The funds of our scale policy allow grassroots to reduce taxes and reduce fees, and allow for rent reduction and interest payments for enterprises. To take such measures is to stabilize the enterprises, secure jobs, and be fair and reasonable. We also need to adopt the policy of subsidized enterprises to stabilize the posts. There will be 35 million people in the next two years to carry out job training through the unemployment insurance balance fund, giving them the opportunity to buffer. Even if we lose their jobs, we must try to make them reemployment opportunities in a short time.

At the same time, we need to create more new jobs. Now the new industry is booming, with about 100 million people working. Our odd job economy also employs 200 million people. Not only should we take more supportive policies, but also break those unreasonable rules and regulations, so as to enable more new jobs to grow up. Last year, we averaged more than 10 thousand enterprises per day, and this year we must strive to achieve this goal.

The masses have boundless creativity. Looking back to the beginning of reform and opening up, a large number of educated youth return to the city, and how many jobs have been solved by a "big bowl of tea"? Two weeks ago, I saw the report that there was a city in the West. According to the local regulations, 36 thousand stalls were set up, and 100 thousand people were employed overnight. The Chinese people are hardworking, and China's market is also constantly developing and upgrading. Of course, we have key support policies for the employment of key groups. This year, the number of university graduates has reached a record high of 8 million 740 thousand, making them a "continuous line of kites". We should continue to provide employment services in the next two years. For migrant workers, whether they are in the permanent residence or returning home, they must provide employment service platform for them. For the ex servicemen, we should earnestly implement the resettlement policies.

Sino US relations

Advocating abandoning the Cold War mentality, "decoupling" is not good for anyone.

NBC News: the United States continues to blame China for the global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. There has been more talk about the "new cold war" between China and the United States. At the same time, officials from the US and China are still discussing how to create favorable conditions for the implementation of the first stage economic and trade agreements between the two countries and promote stable development of Sino US relations. Considering China's own economic difficulties, do you think China's economic reform and concessions are enough to solve the concerns of the US? If the cooperative efforts fail, can the Chinese economy resist the threat of "new cold war" and "decoupling"?

Li Keqiang: at present, Sino US relations do have some new problems and new challenges. Sino US relations are very important. Both countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council. There are many places where they can and should cooperate in dealing with traditional and non-traditional challenges. They also have extensive exchanges in economy, trade, science and technology, and humanities. There is a wide range of common interests between the two countries. China and the United States share both advantages and disadvantages. They are not only related to the interests of the two peoples, but also to the world. As for your new cold war, we have always advocated abandoning the "cold war" thinking. The so-called "decoupling" can be said that the two main economies "decoupling" is neither good nor bad for the world. We should push forward the establishment of Sino US relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability in accordance with the important consensus reached by the two heads of state.

It is not easy for us and China to have both China and us, and both sides benefit from it. It reminds me that just a few days ago, an American high-tech company announced its investment projects in Wuhan, China. I didn't do commercial advertising, but I appreciated what they did, so I sent a congratulatory letter. This example shows that Sino US business circles are mutually needed and can achieve win-win cooperation.

Business cooperation between China and the United States should be guided by business rules, chosen by the market, and judged by entrepreneurs. China and the United States, one of the largest developing countries in the world, are the largest developed countries in the world. They have different social systems, cultural traditions and historical backgrounds. Contradictions and differences are inevitable. The problem is how to deal with them. China and the United States have been on the ups and downs for decades. On the one hand, cooperation is going forward. On the one hand, it is very complicated to stumble. It requires wisdom to expand common interests and control differences and contradictions. In short, we should respect each other, equality and mutual benefit, respect each other's core interests and major concerns, and seek win-win cooperation. This is beneficial to the world and Yu Ren.

Six stability six guarantees 120 million market main body is Castle Peak, retain them will win the future.

Xinhua News Agency: when it comes to this year's economic work, the word we hear most frequently is "stability" and "guarantee". May I ask the prime minister, what is the relationship between this and marketization reform? What are the priorities of the government?

Li Keqiang: the experience of China's reform and opening up for more than 40 years shows that the more difficult it is, the more we must persist in reform. The "stability" and "guarantee" put forward by our macroeconomic policy are supported by market players, and they are done by the difficulties and concerns of the market players. This is in itself the practice of market-oriented reform.

First of all, we need to keep the market players alive. The real gold and silver policy is mainly to relieve the market players and stimulate the vitality of the market. Real gold and silver must be assured of businesses and individual businesses. This government work report says that we should keep green hills and win the future. We now have 120 million market players, they are Castle Peak, retain them, they will win the future.

Not only to keep the market players alive, but also to activate them through the reform of "letting go of services". We must create a market oriented, rule of law and internationalized business environment, and eliminate those unreasonable rules and regulations so that they can compete fairly. This measure seems invisible, but it can create tangible wealth, doing well, no less than the investment of real gold and silver.

What's more, we need to make new market players grow more. As we all know, in the response to the epidemic, some new formats such as online shopping, express delivery, cloud office and so on are counter trend growth, some business revenue has increased by 2/3, and now the new industry is also emerging one after another. This is related to the deepening of supply side structural reforms in recent years, the promotion of high quality development, the development of new momentum, and the development of public entrepreneurship and innovation. We should popularize these experiences to promote the growth of new kinetic energy and new market players. This year, we must strive to achieve an average of 20 thousand new registered enterprises per day, which is an important indicator to observe the vitality of China's economy.

We attach importance to small and medium enterprises, and do not attach importance to big enterprises. We also hope that large and medium enterprises will co-exist and flourish. We expect that some small and medium-sized enterprises will grow into large enterprises in the future and form a mutually reinforcing development. This year we need to see not only how well the policy is adopted, but also whether the improvement of the business environment is obvious.

Take measures to tackle poverty and take measures to get rid of the bottom line of poverty.

People's Daily reporter: this year is the decisive year for tackling poverty, but many families' income has declined, even some people are facing poverty. Under such circumstances, can we successfully accomplish the task of tackling poverty alleviation this year? How will the government safeguard basic livelihood?

Li Keqiang: China is a developing country with a large population. Our per capita disposable income is RMB 30 thousand yuan. However, there are 600 million middle and low income groups and their average income is about 1000 yuan per month. 1000 yuan is probably difficult to rent in a medium-sized city, and now they are suffering from an epidemic. After the outbreak, people's livelihood is essential. How to protect the basic livelihood of the needy masses and the new needy masses affected by the epidemic? We should put this work in a very important position. A considerable part of the relief policy we have adopted is to protect the basic livelihood of the people.

This year, we need to complete the task of tackling poverty alleviation on schedule. This is a solemn promise made by the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core to the whole society. According to the original accounts and about 5000000 poor people, some people will be brought back to poverty by the impact of the epidemic. The task of getting rid of poverty is heavier. We will take more measures and take steps to overcome the poverty line. We are confident that we can accomplish the task of tackling poverty and tackling poverty this year.

Governments at all levels should take the interests of the people as the top priority, with the hardships of thousands of families as the most important ones. Every plan should consider whether it is good for thousands of households and for people's livelihood. This year, in dealing with the impact of the epidemic, we should seriously and carefully consider the protection of all vulnerable groups and expand the scope of minimum living security and unemployment insurance. Now there are about 60 million people in the year, such as minimum living security, unemployment protection, special relief and so on. We expect that the number will increase this year. Security and relief funds are enough to protect them. We demand that we should make detailed calculations and put money on the blade so that people's livelihood can be effectively guaranteed. There are nearly 300 million pensioners in the country. We raised the pension standard this year.

Deeds are better than deeds. Our current social security fund balances and reserves enough to ensure that the pension is paid in full and on time, but there can be no mistake in its work. To make mistakes in this matter will make people have no confidence in the future. The Chinese nation has the tradition of respecting the elderly. We should make every aspect of society feel hopeful. We need to co-ordinate the various safeguards in place, which will also effectively support the stability of the people and promote economic development. The people are the foundation, Motoko Kunine. This work is not one thing, but a lot of things. We must do well and do it well. I believe the life of the Chinese people will be better.

Peripheral cooperation has a positive attitude towards China's participation in CPTPP.

Asahi Shimbun, Japan: the world economy is being seriously hit by the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. China has controlled the epidemic. Is there any plan for economic cooperation with neighboring countries including Japan? How will China plan to advance its FTA and free trade system in the future? Is China going to join the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)?

Li Keqiang: in last year's East Asia Cooperation leaders meeting, the leaders of the fifteen countries jointly made a commitment to sign the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement as scheduled. I hope and believe that this commitment will not fail. We are also actively promoting the construction of China Japan Korea free trade area. China, Japan and South Korea are close neighbors. We are willing to establish a small economic cycle in China, Japan and South Korea in the great economic cycle. For example, recently, China and South Korea have opened up a fast track to enable business, technology and other personnel to make smooth exchanges, which is conducive to resuming work and resuming production.

As for what you mentioned about TPP just now, I understand that it refers to the comprehensive and progressive trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP). China has a positive attitude towards CPTPP.

Port related decisions

Act in strict accordance with the Constitution and the basic law, and safeguard Hongkong's long-term prosperity and stability.

Phoenix Satellite TV reporter: the National People's Congress has decided to establish and improve the legal system and implementation mechanism of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region to safeguard national security. The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress will formulate special laws on this issue. Does this mean that the central government has adjusted its policy towards Hongkong and whether it has abandoned the "one country, two systems"? What do you think of the reaction of all parties?

Li Keqiang: "one country, two systems" is the basic state policy of the state. The central government has always stressed the need to comprehensively and accurately implement the principle of "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy, and strictly abide by the Constitution and the basic law, and support the administration of the SAR government and the chief executive in accordance with the law. You mentioned that the decision adopted by the National People's Congress just to safeguard national security is to ensure a steady development of "one country, two systems" and maintain Hongkong's long-term prosperity and stability.

Cooperation is a win-win situation, and eating alone is not feasible.

Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore: you mentioned in the government work report that because of the uncertainty of the global epidemic and the economic and trade situation, China's development faces some unforeseen influence factors. What kind of judgement do you have about the external situation China is facing now? How will China respond to changes in the external environment? What role will China play in the global response to the challenges of public health and severe economic recession?

Li Keqiang: let's take a look at the changes in the world now. The global epidemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused serious impact on the world and brought great impact. Now, because of the prevention and control of epidemic situation, the exchanges and cooperation among countries have been significantly reduced. If we continue to continue, the world economy will be more seriously recessions, which is dangerous. If the world economy can not restore growth, it may be difficult to prevent and control epidemics in the future. In the process of fighting the epidemic, we need special public products. We need to maintain the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and we need to open up and promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment. Only in this way can we jointly overcome the impact of the epidemic on the world and minimize the loss.

Shutting down doors to develop is not feasible, which means returning to the farming era. China will unswervingly push ahead with opening to the outside world. This will not and can not be changed. We will continue to expand our cooperation with the world and introduce more open measures. Opening to all countries is like air to human beings. It can not be separated for a moment, otherwise it will suffocate. In opening up, we must maintain the stability of the international industrial chain and supply chain. Of course, some people will say that we should adjust the industrial chain and supply chain. As for the adjustment and layout of enterprises, they are handled according to market rules, and the market rule is originally an enterprise going in and out, living and dying. We must not break the rules of the market and design by air, but let the market be more open to each other.

We must be friendly when we insist on two-way opening. First, we hope to respect each other and treat each other equally. Every country, big or small, rich or poor, strong or weak, should follow this rule. If there are imperfections in the rule of association, we need to readjust the reform. Second, mutual benefit and reciprocity. Since it is cooperation, we must win together, and win alone will not last long. Only when we win together can we grow together. Then there is mutual help and mutual learning. Each country has its own strengths, shouldering its international responsibilities and working together to cope with all kinds of difficulties and challenges. China, as a developing country, will shoulder our international responsibilities.

China is a huge market, and the scale policy that we push forward and stimulate market vitality will further expand the consumer market. I hope China is still a promising investment place. We are willing to import more foreign goods and become a big market facing the world.

As for how to deal with the public health challenge of the epidemic and let the world economy get out of trouble, I have said many times before that we should join hands and work together. I hope and believe that with the joint efforts of all countries, the epidemic will be more open after the outbreak, and there will be new prosperity after the recession.

The press conference will be carried out in the form of network video. The main venue is located in the Golden Hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the people. The press conference lasted about 110 minutes.