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Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau went deep into Xundian and Higashikawa Kirimi to tackle poverty and consolidate work.
[ Author: Zhong De Qi Release time: 2020-05-22 10:45. Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of a series of important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on winning the battle against poverty and give full play to the role of counterpart assisting units, the Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau has carried out the work of "Gang bags" in Xundian and Dongchuan, and has laid a solid foundation for consolidating the effectiveness of tackling poverty and tackling poverty.

Increase security and enhance village strength. One is to select the best and strengthen the village players. The Bureau of the Party group overcame the difficulties of the staff and insisted on selecting 2 outstanding cadres to go to the susipo village of Xundian County, Dongchuan County, and Shuanglong Village, Awang Town, as the counterpart, to serve as a member of the poverty alleviation team in the village. Two is concerned about caring for the village players. The Party group has included the living allowance and working expenses of the working members of the village in the Party group meeting. At the same time, according to the actual needs of village work, temporary arrangements for lean strength to support villages. The three is to increase the working group. In order to conscientiously carry out the requirements of strengthening the key work of the "Gang bag" to meet the requirements of the poverty relief investigation, we promptly issued the notice on further improving the work of tackling poverty and tackling poverty, and set up 2 working groups visiting the poverty alleviation point in Xundian and the poverty alleviation point in Dongchuan. Help to sort out problems and work together to promote rectification.

Visit the needy and consolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. First, in-depth research, to identify weaknesses in the short board. According to the requirements of the office of the leading group of rural poverty alleviation and development work in Kunming, on Issuing the notice to consolidate and enhance the supervision of Kunming's poverty relief efforts and the work plan of Kunming's decisive battle against poverty and tackling the general offensive, the leaders of the bureau took part in supporting the Xundian county's township and Dongchuan town Awang town to shake off poverty, consolidate and enhance the thematic meeting, and carefully listen to the counterparts. The progress and difficulties of supporting villages and towns in tackling poverty alleviation will lay the foundation for helping and solving problems. Two, we should make full visits and give full play to supporting functions. In from May 19th to 20th, the leading members of the bureau took the lead of all the helping cadres to visit Dongchuan and Xundian. Throughout the visit, the bureau Party Secretary and director Jin Shucai, members of the Bureau and deputy director Guo Qin held talks with members of the party committees and members of the two committees in the village of Xundian, and members of the working group in the village. The members of the Party group Jiang Jingrong and the members of the "two committees" team of Awang Town, Awang Town, Dongchuan, held an exchange of views. The production and living conditions of spring planting, forest fire prevention and migrant work, fully affirmed the poverty alleviation work of the "two committees" and the village working team, and asked the villagers to further implement the arrangements of the central and provincial, municipal and county (District) for tackling poverty alleviation. During the visit, the party members of the Bureau led the supporting cadres to help the poor families to pull their own houses. They understood the production and living conditions in detail, grasps the family dynamics, inquired about the difficulties, and worked together with the masses to find a way out of poverty and prosperity. Helping cadres also focus on the current epidemic prevention and control, forest protection, fire prevention, village appearance, Rural Revitalization and other policies propaganda, and combined with their own work practice carried out earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, safety production and other knowledge propaganda.

By increasing investment in support, enhancing village strength and carrying out activities of visits, the Party group has effectively fulfilled the responsibilities of "Gang Bao Gang", playing an active role in enhancing the appearance of village and village, lifting confidence in poverty alleviation, consolidating poverty alleviation, and preventing and controlling epidemic situation.