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Anning City launched 2020 "5. 12" disaster prevention and reduction week publicity campaign
[ Author: Release time: 2020-05-15 16:34. Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]

In from May 12th to 15th this year, the Twelfth National publicity week for disaster prevention and reduction in China, Anning City focused on the theme of improving the grass roots emergency response capability and building the people's defense line for disaster prevention, reduction and disaster relief.

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On the morning of May 12th, 39 members of the Anning City Natural Disaster Emergency Committee held the launching ceremony of the 2020 disaster prevention and reduction publicity week at the Sun Moon Lake Square in Kunming Iron and steel company. Duan Guojun, deputy director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, made a mobilization speech. The City Emergency Management Bureau, the municipal forest and grass Bureau, the City Meteorological Bureau, the Red Cross Society of the city, and the fire rescue team of the city issued the publicity materials, fire safety knowledge, safety and emergency manuals, publicity bags for disaster prevention and reduction to the public at Sun Yue Hu square.

At the same time, Anning City Emergency Management Bureau and the City Red Cross organized self-help and mutual aid training at dawn community, and demonstrated to the community residents the knowledge and skills of family basic medical care, and distributed small emergency packages to 3415 families. Anning City attaches great importance to the construction of natural disaster prevention and control capacity. This year, we plan to allocate special financial funds, and distribute disaster prevention small emergency packages to 50 thousand families in lien, Jin Fang and Wenquan street. There are 33 kinds of emergency medical treatment tools and medicines, such as gauze and alcohol stick in this emergency package.

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On the afternoon of May 14th, the Anning City Emergency Management Bureau held a seminar on scientific knowledge on earthquake prevention and disaster reduction in the new era civilization practice center of Anning City, and a total of 50 people attended the lecture.

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Through carrying out the propaganda week of disaster prevention and reduction, we have further enhanced the awareness and ability of disaster prevention and reduction in the whole society.

(Anning City Emergency Management Bureau Huang Jin)