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Earthquake emergency
Anshi City Experimental Shijiang school to carry out the "5.12" national disaster prevention and reduction day earthquake emergency evacuation drill
[ Author: Anning experiment, stone river school, Li Xuelin Release time: 2020-05-15 14:55. Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]

In order to improve the awareness of earthquake safety and emergency rescue capability of all the teachers and students, to minimize the losses caused by earthquake disasters, in May 12th, Anshi City Experimental Shijiang school organized an earthquake emergency evacuation drill for all teachers and students on the "5.12" national disaster prevention and reduction day.

In order to make the emergency evacuation drill practical and meticulous, the political education department made a plan. The school held a special meeting on safety work in May 7th to deploy the related matters related to emergency evacuation and evacuation drills. In May 11th, each class passed general knowledge of "earthquake prevention, disaster reduction, peace and constant" class meeting, giving lectures on emergency shock avoidance and evacuation drills and other common sense. In the event of sudden earthquake, the use of contingency measures and the way to escape from the scene make students clear that emergency evacuation drills are rigorous, scientific, safe and preventive.

The earthquake emergency evacuation drill was attended by all the teachers and students. The drill was strictly carried out according to the plan. All students evacuated from the classroom to the playground for only 2 minutes and 45 seconds. The whole exercise was intense and orderly, and achieved the expected goal. At the end of the activity, the vice president of Yang Hongqing, the chief commander, made a summary, and the Secretary of the Party committee Wang Yanbo put forward the request.

Through this evacuation exercise, the safety consciousness of teachers and students in schools was further enhanced, and the ability of teachers and students to avoid danger and deal with emergencies was effectively improved.