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Anning City actively organized to participate in the third Yunnan earthquake prevention and disaster relief science competition.
[ Author: Huang Jin Release time: 2020-04-21 15:11. Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]


        In April 13th, the third Yunnan science and technology competition for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction was officially launched by the Yunnan Seismological Bureau. The Joint Municipal Education and Sports Bureau of Anning City Emergency Bureau organized and prepared meticulously, and selected three teachers from Lian ran primary school to participate in the meeting and do a good job in the security work. In the period of epidemic prevention and control, the competition was carried out in the form of video competition through the Tencent conference platform. The main venue is located in the Seismological Bureau of Yunnan province. Anning City branch is located in the education and Sports Bureau of Anning City.

The theme of this competition is "earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction, popular science first". Participants can make independent decisions on scientific knowledge or rescue skills in the work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, and use multimedia, setting scenarios, and self-supporting props. Jing Wong, Wu Jingbo and Zhou Hongjuan, the three contestants of Lian ran primary school, focus on the theme of the competition, respectively, on the "science popularization of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction", "earthquake prevention and disaster reduction guarding lives" and "earthquake". With the help of PPT and other multimedia means, the knowledge of earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction is vividly explained, and its language is fluent and lively. After the competition, Li Chunguang, director of science and Technology Department of Yunnan Seismological Bureau, commented on the contest and announced the result of the competition. Wu Jingbo and Zhou Hongjuan won the three prize in the contest, and Zhang Jing won the award of excellence.

      The competition is colorful, attracting wide attention from all walks of life. It has set up a platform for all kinds of science commentators and communicators to show their demeanour and study and exchange. It has stimulated the enthusiasm of all sectors of society to actively participate in science popularization, popularize science and devote themselves to science popularization, further expanded the social influence of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work, and played an important role in promoting the development of science popularization education for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.