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Earthquake emergency
The fire rescue team of Anning City organized the actual combat training for earthquake rescue.
[ Author: Release time: 2020-04-21 10:17. Source: Fire rescue team of Anning City ]


In April 6th, the fire rescue team of Anning City launched the earthquake rescue practice in Xiao Pu he village, Taiping town. Kunming Road Fire Rescue Station earthquake rescue detachment 5 fire engines, 16 fire fighters and 1 fire rescue dogs participated in the drill.  

The drill was scheduled for 9:23 on April 6th. The 7 magnitude earthquake occurred in Taiping Town, Anning City. The epicenter was located near the town of Xiao Pu River in Taiping Town, causing a series of disasters such as housing collapse, road damage and casualties. After the disaster, the fire rescue team of Anning City immediately launched the earthquake rescue emergency plan, and mobilized the Kunming Road Fire Station earthquake rescue detachment to carry the equipment to the epicenter.

After arriving at the scene, the officers and men set up tasks according to the brigade, grouped their duties and quickly threw into the rescue work. Subsequently, according to the arrangement of drill work, the correspondents used the 4G single soldier map to collect and transmit the images of the disaster scene; the security personnel entered the best observation position, and kept the state of alert at all times; the search and rescue team adopted the methods of "partition operation, cross search and classification and calibration" through manual, instrument, search and rescue dog search methods, and carried out the full coverage and carpet life search for the disaster scene. In the drill, firefighting and rescue personnel were precise in rescuing, and carried out practical training exercises such as personnel search location, narrow space demolition, vertical demolition, etc.

At 17 p.m. that day, firefighting personnel completed the established subjects and set up camp for self catering and safekeeping exercises. After 10 hours of hard fighting, all firefighting and rescue personnel have overcome a series of difficulties caused by weather and site factors, and completed the rescue drills with high standards and high quality.

The earthquake rescue training drill tempered the will, improved morale, trained the team's emergency rescue and self support ability, tested the quick response ability of natural disaster emergency rescue, and ensured that the fire rescue team could pull, rush and win at any time.