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Building a national demonstration city for national solidarity and progress
Publicity campaign
Anning City Emergency Management Bureau organized the "constitution" and "safety production law" publicity week.
[ Author: Anning City Emergency Management Bureau Wu Lisa Li Xuelin Release time: 2019-12-16 18:31. Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]

On the morning of December 2nd, the Anning City Emergency Management Bureau, together with the Golden Square Street emergency management integrated service center, launched the publicity campaign of "constitution and safety production law" on the theme of "promoting safety production law and ensuring everyone's safety everywhere" at Baihua park.

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Combined with the current activities of the first "national rule of law government construction demonstration city" in Anning City, in order to carry out a series of work on the construction of the rule of law government, conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of building a government under the rule of law, and vigorously publicize the constitution of the People's Republic of China and the law of the People's Republic of China on the safe production by hanging banners, placing the rule of law exhibition boards and distributing legal data readers. We call on the broad masses of the people to enhance the sense of safety of the masses, strengthen the rule of law and safety, implement safety responsibilities and improve the safety of the whole people.

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At the scene of the event, the staff of Anning City Emergency Management Bureau carefully interpreted the contents of the constitution of the People's Republic of China and the law of the People's Republic of China on safety in production for the masses who came to participate in the propaganda activities, and answered the questions raised by the masses, especially on the knowledge of winter production safety protection. "Understanding the law and ensuring safety" is a propaganda concept that requires the knowledge that the masses will learn in the publicity campaign.

On the morning of December 3rd, Anning City Emergency Management Bureau organized the training work of laws, regulations and knowledge of the Constitution and safety production law on the four floor of the new era civilization practice center of Anning City, and 56 staff members of the cadres and workers of the Anning City Emergency Management Bureau and the comprehensive service center of the street emergency management center.

Li Bo, deputy director of Anning City Emergency Management Bureau, attended the training meeting and stressed the importance of profoundly understanding the importance of the constitutional amendment, firmly establishing "Four Consciousnesses" and firmly "four self confidently", so as to consolidate the thought and action to the Central Committee's decision making deployment with general secretary Xi Jinping as the core, and unify it to general secretary Xi Jinping on emergency management, safety production, disaster prevention, disaster relief and relief workers. To make important instructions and instructions, the spirit of important instructions should be rooted in the roots.

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Hong Min, a lawyer in Yunnan Jia Xi law firm, has made an in-depth interpretation and comprehensive explanation on the background of the amendment of the constitution, the guiding ideology of the state clearly stipulated in the constitution, the operation of the constitution, the significance and effectiveness of the constitution, and so on in four aspects. In view of the problems found in the evaluation of safety production administrative cases in our bureau in 2018, we have carefully analyzed and proposed corrective measures. Combined with cases, we have explained in detail in the cases of administrative penalties, such as irregular legal quotas, incomplete administrative penalty, illegal procedures, investigation and evidence collection, filling out of law enforcement documents and filing of files. Through the propaganda activities of the Constitution and the law of safety production, the cadres and workers of the emergency management system of the city have further strengthened the ruling concept of ruling the country according to law, acted according to law, and embodied the spirit of learning and implementing the Constitution in emergency management. The Anning City Emergency Management Bureau will take the case assessment as an opportunity to further establish and improve the relevant system of administrative law enforcement, strictly carry out checks on the standard table, standardize the enforcement of administrative law enforcement, strengthen the management of archives, enforce the responsibility of law enforcement files, complete the specification of law enforcement documents, file and file timely, and continue to strengthen the training of administrative law enforcement, and improve the quality and professional skills of law enforcement personnel. We should enhance the concept of rule of law and improve the quality and level of handling cases.