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Anning City Emergency Management Bureau to visit condolences in depth
[ Author: Li Rui Release time: 2019-12-02 16:40. Source: Anning City Emergency Management Bureau ]

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In order to effectively improve the effectiveness of the "Gang package" and "turn around" and send the warmth of the party and the government to the families of the needy, Chen Shunhua, the party secretary and director of Anning City Emergency Management Bureau, took the lead in November 29th to launch a visit to the village of Malone in the Lu Fu Street.

Secretary Chen Shunhua and his colleagues went to the Komatsu village and the talcban village respectively to visit the 10 archiving card holders. They conscientiously understood the production and living conditions of the masses, and surveyed the conditions of clothing, food, housing and maintenance. They specifically introduced the policy of benefiting farmers and helping farmers, and made plans for the rich and well-off, and presented rice and edible oil.

In May, when Malone was in serious drought, the Emergency Management Bureau of Anning City sent 87 villagers from Lishu village and Komatsu village to drinking water and donating 100 water storage tanks to solve the problem of drinking water. Aiming at the problem of water shortage in the village, the Emergency Management Bureau of Anning City has allocated a special fund of 300 thousand yuan to the Kunming Emergency Management Bureau to build a drinking water supply facility in MI Malone village. The project has been started, and the Anning City Emergency Management Bureau has checked the progress of the construction site, and is expected to be completed early next year.

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