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Earthquake emergency
Kunming Dianchi resort to carry out earthquake emergency rescue training in 2019
[ Author: Yang Ying Release time: 2019-11-13 16:53. Source: Dianchi holiday resort Housing Bureau ]

In November 12th, the Kunming Dianchi resort held the 2019 earthquake emergency rescue training meeting in Dayu street. The units of the earthquake relief headquarters of the resorts, the earthquake emergency rescue volunteers, the health center, the law enforcement squadron, the fire two squadron and other units participated in the earthquake.

Zhou Xin, deputy director of the housing bureau of the resort, introduced the purpose of training and informed the recent earthquake monitoring and prediction. Zhang Lv, deputy director of the propaganda and education center of Yunnan Seismological Bureau, carried out earthquake emergency rescue knowledge from five aspects of earthquake emergency response, the characteristics of earthquake rescue, the organization and management of on-site rescue. After the end of the theoretical study, all the staff went to the earthquake emergency rescue training in Duqu village. They were familiar with the emergency handling process such as patrol monitoring, danger reporting, start-up plan, departmental linkage, emergency rescue, personnel transfer and placement, and studied the essentials of earthquake rescue equipment operation, tent construction and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The training scale is moderate, close to the actual combat, and the effect is obvious.