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Yunnan rural reconstruction of dangerous buildings and building solutions for earthquake resistant housing projects
[ Author: Huang Xiao Qiu Release time: 2017-06-20 14:35. Source: Kunming earthquake prevention and disaster reduction Bureau ]

1. What is the purpose of the reconstruction of rural dangerous buildings and the construction of earthquake resistant housing projects?

Help housing the most dangerous and economically poorest farmers to solve the most basic safety housing problem, and build new housing. Local seismic fortification requirements must be achieved.

Two, what is rural dangerous housing?

According to the Ministry of housing, urban and rural construction, "technical guidelines for the identification of dangerous houses in rural areas (Trial Implementation)" (Jian Cun letter). 2009] No. 69) the rural houses were identified as grade A, B, C and D in four grades, of which the C level is the partial dangerous housing, the D level is the whole dangerous housing, and the C level and the D level rural house are collectively referred to as the rural dangerous houses.

Three, what is the principle of rebuilding dangerous houses in rural areas?

Renovation of dangerous buildings should be carried out " Three the most two. " Principle " Three most " That is to give priority to helping the most dangerous and economically poorest households to solve the most basic housing security problems. " Two on " That is to take local and near redevelopment. , The way of rebuilding.

Four. What are the conditions for farmers who apply for rural dilapidated housing reconstruction?

Farmers should be satisfied at the same time:

1. owns the local agricultural household registration and is the owner of the property right.

2., they belong to five rural households, low insured families, families with poor families, poor families, ethnic minority families, households without housing and other poor families caused by other special reasons.

3. housing is identified as a partial dangerous housing (C level) and an overall dangerous housing (D level).

Five. What materials should the applicant provide?

1. application form for voluntary application of dangerous houses by farmers.

2. "farmers' application form for reconstruction of dangerous houses in rural areas of Yunnan";

3. dangerous proof. Photographs of dangerous houses taken by the planning and construction administration of town (township) villages and towns (photos of dangerous houses or D class dangerous houses) are provided, and C dangerous houses provide whole photos and dangerous local photographs, with a fixed reference and a head portrait of the head of the house.

4. proof of poverty. Poor households ( Five insured households , Low insured households ) answer provide Issued by Civil Affairs Department Proof of original and photocopy ; Families with needy families answer Provide the original and photocopy of the certificate for the disabled; Other poor households answer Provide family income statement identified by the villagers committee;

5. identity. Provide residence booklet and resident identity card Original and Photocopies, of which Household registration must be consistent with current residence. ;

6. a copy of "one card" of rural credit cooperatives.

Six. What parts of the subsidy fund for rural dilapidated housing reconstruction?

Reconstruction of rural dilapidated buildings and aseismic housing projects are mainly funded by farmers' self financing, supplemented by subsidies from central and local governments. For eligible farmers to demolish and rebuild (that is to say) The subsidized funds for D level rural housing demolition and reconstruction are matched by the state, provincial, state and city (Central Yunnan Industrial and New Area Administrative Committee) and counties (cities and districts).

Seven. Which farmers are the poor households, the moderately poor households and the other poor households in the rural reconstruction project?

Poor households: It refers to the farmers who live in dilapidated houses, who are scattered and supported by five insured households, who are old and weak in the low insured families, have no fixed income sources, have no self financing ability, and have no ability to work.

Moderately poor households: It refers to the farmers who live in dangerous houses and do not belong to the poor families.

Other poor households: It means living in a dangerous house with a lower per capita annual income. 2300 yuan farmers.

Eight, is the subsidy for farm housing renovation given to farmers in a lump sum?

Combined with the actual situation, according to the progress of the project, the County Finance Bureau will receive financial subsidy funds. "One card" or "ninety percent off links" will be paid in one or more times. After the completion of the project acceptance, all the subsidy funds should be paid.

Nine, farmers in rural reconstruction projects What are the policies for loans and repayment? ?

Farmers with demand and repayment ability can enjoy government preferential loans, and loan interest will be partially subsidized by the government, and some preferential policies will be undertaken by the loan farmers. In excess of the loan amount and time limit, the principal and interest shall be calculated according to the interest rate of the commercial loan and borne by the farmers themselves.

Ten, which farmers can not enjoy the subsidy funds for rebuilding rural dilapidated houses?

1. safe housing has been built.

2. building land is not in the planning area.

3. has already enjoyed the subsidy funds for dilapidated housing renovation.

4. housing land occupied the basic farmland.

Eleven, what is the quality requirement for the transformation of dangerous houses in rural areas?

Dangerous buildings must be reformed according to " Safe, practical, economical and beautiful. " Requirements, Conscientiously carry out the Ministry of housing, urban and rural construction, "minimum construction requirements for rural dilapidated housing reconstruction (Trial Implementation)" and "basic requirements for seismic safety of dilapidated buildings in rural areas" (Trial Implementation). The farmers should design the characteristic residential design map according to the local construction department. Separation of human and livestock, kitchen and household. Building construction must have earthquake resistant structural measures such as floor beams, upper and lower girders, structural columns and so on. Ensure that the reconstructed rural housing meets the construction and safety standards. promote Light steel structure construction , Related requirements reference " Standard atlas of residential buildings "

Twelve, what are the seismic measures for rebuilding dangerous houses in rural areas?

When building the building, the structural system should be reasonable and standardized, and the storey height of single storey should not exceed. Four Meters, two floors should not exceed Three point six M; minimum width of load-bearing window wall 1 meters; the reinforced concrete column should be installed at the four corners of the house, four corners of the staircase, the upper and lower ends of the staircase ladder, the separation of the internal and external walls, the intersection of the gables and the inner longitudinal walls, and the reinforced concrete columns. Five hundred Mm stirrups should be encrypted with spacing of 100 mm The joint with brick masonry should be built into a masonry rack and should be kept high along the wall. Five hundred Millimeter setting Two The root diameter is 6 mm It should not be less than each side into the wall. 1 meters The girdle should be installed at the roof and floor of each floor; the staircase should be given priority to the cast-in-place reinforced concrete staircase, and the staircase should not be used in the wall or step by step. Lintel: no reinforced brick linings shall be used at the entrance of doors and windows, and the width of doors and windows is larger than that of windows. At 1.2 meters, the reinforcement of the lintel is allocated to 2 structural measures, such as 14 millimeters in diameter.

Thirteen. What is the procedure for applying for the transformation of dangerous houses in rural areas?

(1) application by farmers. From the head of household voluntarily submit a written application to the village committee. , And provide copies of household registration and family accounts. , Low income (low collar gold collar collection, disability certificate, preferential treatment of gold collar evidence or other low income certificate) , Dangerous housing photos and other supporting materials.

(two) village committee appraisal. After receiving the application, the village committee was summoned. Open villagers' meetings or villagers Representative for democratic appraisal , Is it agreed that the applicant is Rural areas conforming to the state regulations Reconstruction of dangerous buildings and aseismic allowance condition , accord with The conditions shall be publicized in the public affairs column of village affairs. Public notice period is not. have to Lower than 5 days. If there is no objection to the publicity, fill in the application form for the renovation of rural dangerous buildings in Yunnan and the application of aseismic housing projects to the township government.

(three) Township audit. When the township government receives the declaration materials from the villagers' committee, it will promptly organize the staff to check on the spot and meet the requirements of the transformation, and report to the township leading group for joint trial. , Those who fail to meet the requirements shall return the materials and explain the reasons. The villagers' committee should timely publicize the results of the township government examination in the public affairs column and inform farmers in writing.

(four) county level approval. county level The housing, urban and rural construction department received the information reported by the township government on the subsidies for the dilapidated houses in rural areas. One Five To be examined within a working day batch The approval results and the list will be issued to the villages and towns under formal documents. meanwhile We urge all townships to arrange farmers to start construction in time. Township government and cover Approval Conduct Farmers signed agreement on reconstruction of dilapidated houses in rural areas , And signed a letter of responsibility with the village committee.

Fourteen. Demolition and reconstruction of dangerous houses in rural areas What is the procedure for completion acceptance? ?

Demolition and reconstruction of dangerous houses in rural areas After completion, By the county level housing department, township (town) government or neighborhood office, organize joint construction committee or joint construction team, village group cadres. Check before acceptance , After acceptance, the housing of the subsidized housing is notably suspended. " Reconstruction of dangerous buildings in rural areas and earthquake resistant housing projects " Identification cards.